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Direct BPO

Call Centre Agent
A leading call centre in Botswana and subsidiary of Mascom, the largest mobile network in the country. They needed a corporate website to showcase their services effectively.

Savanna Safari & Tours

Travel Agency
The client creates custom travel packages for individuals and groups. They needed a platform to elegantly present their travel packages and be able to update them themselves easily.

Fahrenheit Capital

Capital Managers
This local finance company wanted a clean look which shows their services in an informative way and instill trust in their clientele.

Elite Life Coaching

Life Coaches
This NGO assists a wide audience in life coaching. They wanted a fun look for both their website and branding. The project included associated profile and graphic design.

IEC Botswana

Election Observers
For the 2019 elections, the client needed to have a platform to disseminate election information, such as how and where to vote, to the nation. They also wanted to be able to update it themselves after deployment.

Limix Research

Customer Research
The client does research for their customers, such as mystery shopping. They required us to design a web app which concisely shows all the information from the profile, and which also looks like their branding.

Tylersoft Eclectics

Financial Technology Solutions
This client has operations in 23 African countries. They provide solutions to banks and needed to showcase their services. They also needed a corporate animation to even better showcase their services.

Glazing Botswana

Glass & Aluminium Supplier
Since 1987, Glazing Botswana has been supplying and fitting glass, aluminium profiles, mirrors, sliding doors and related products. They initially needed a website to simply show their product range.

Tyre Fix

Tyre Repairs & Sales
This client is one of the leading tyre repairs and suppliers in the country and has been operational for decades. They briefed us that they needed a website to show the tyre brands available and their location.

Team Prefabs

Prefabricated Building & Containers
Team Botswana supplies a number of customers with prefabs for rental or purchase. They wanted a platform to show all the different units they have to offer, the features that each has, as well as their associated floor plans.

MSD Mesotlo

Auditors & Chartered Accountants
This client consists of a local team of accountants. They wanted a fresh, corporate look to their web app, and professionally showcase the team, their profiles and credentials, as well as a quick way to communicate through the contact form.

Pyrocarbon Energy

Coal to Liquids Technologist
This client has a proprietory technology which converts coal to diesel. They needed to showcase the technology, its specifications, as well as those of the diesel that is extracted. The client wanted a simple design which is not too distracting when reading.

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