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Multi-Faceted Marketing

Digital marketing is a science, which at first looks easy to understand. It is only when one thoroughly understands their product or service's buyer's journey that one will understand what and how to improve. You need to develop your marketing machine.

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Web Apps

Commerce | e-Learning | Appointments

The core of any digital campaign should be the website, or a web application as we prefer to call it. This is the first port-of-call, when a prospect is still at the awareness stage of your buyer’s journey, and is looking for information as well as gauging your reputation as a company. Nowadays, it is necessary to have an online presence which looks both professional, and effectively does its core mandate.

You need a robust website with the capability to performs any required function, all through the power of the web.

Common web app use-cases include:

  1. Sharing information about your company to generate leads
  2. Sell products, track stock levels and manage deliveries
  3. Sharing information about you as an individual to boost a profile
  4. Book service appointments and integrate with your CRM, and/or accounting solution
  5. Sharing frequently updated information e.g. Church sermons, Latest news, Stock information etc.
  6. Sharing course/training material through a professional learner management system (LMS)

Each web app can be integrated with an automated CRM and/or marketing platform such as EverGrind, HubSpot, SalesForce or equivalent.


Digital Strategy | Automated Marketing

Everybody knows that sales & marketing is necessary for any business to grow and prosper. Not everyone know exactly how to go about this effectively, nor know that there is a difference between marketing (attracting leads) and sales (converting the lead to a paying customer).

A well thought out strategy aims to firstly understand your business’ brand essence (what makes your business tick), the buyer’s persona (what makes your customers tick), the buyers’ journey (how your customers thinks and how you will communicate with them at each stage), and ultimately create a marketing machine to seamlessly attract and guide your leads through the journey until they are loyal, paying customers.

There are mainly two groups in which marketing can be categorized – Inbound or Outbound. We specialize in inbound marketing, and make use of technology to assist in automating this in order to achieve maximum results and returns from marketing efforts for you the client.

We effectively handle:

  1. Social media engagement (automated posts and replies)
  2. Email newsletter marketing (design, sending and tracking)
  3. Blogging and content creation (eBooks, reports, video etc.)
  4. WhatsApp/SMS marketing (promotions, communications and alerts)
  5. Search (Google AdWords and SEO)
Process maps of the way you do your marketing, and the way your customer thinks, from awareness to purchase are needed. These will be used to build your marketing machine – your engine which will efficiently guide your visitors from being prospects, to leads, and ultimately, to the status of paying customers. The development and implementation of a rock-solid strategy for your individual product or service’s buyer’s journey is key.
Automated messages can be created for each step of each stage that the prospect is at, GREATLY freeing up the sales & marketing team’s time, allowing them to focus on higher value activities to bring even more sales. Reports can also be accessed at any time to view campaign successes and failures.


Logo | Company Profile | Design

Branding is an all-encompassing notion of kitting out your company with all the necessary visual aids to communicate your company’s presence and professionalism to your market.

One must always ensure that their brand is as unique as they are, and that their marketing copy is always world-class.

We can provide all the necessary branding services a company might require, namely:

  1. Logo design
  2. Company profiles
  3. Annual reports
  4. Signage
  5. Info-graphics
  6. Corporate attire
  7. Corporate memorabilia
  8. Miscellaneous graphic designs

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