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10 small business ideas to do in Botswana

Botswana is a very unique country to try to do business in, when one takes into account the small population, coupled with a population that knows what they want and demand world-class service at all times.

It is sometimes difficult to start a profitable business and set yourself apart from the crowd, especially when others tend to emulate (e.g. car-wash and cool-time).

Here is a list of ideas you can maybe use to start something as unique as you are.


1. Farm Equipment Maintenance Provider

If you’re good with your hands, or are willing to learn and qualify as a mechanic, you could start a business that mainly provides maintenance service for farm equipment in your area, or you could also hire some mechanics. Not only is convenience key in maintenance emergencies, but all you need is a toolbox and thorough working knowledge of farming machinery.

Ensure your business is well-advertised so you’re able to be called first and not after someone else has had a look at the equipment and possibly worked on it.

Form connections by always being friendly, on time, using reliable transport, doing a thorough job and encouraging recommendations.

2. Video Game Livestream Specialist

Entertaining video gamers are earning good money broadcasting their games live on Twitch streamers make money with a share of the site’s subscription fees, advertising on their channels, donations, and selling merchandise to their fans.

According to the Hustle, Twitch has created a new career track for casual video gamers, helping thousands make a living by playing video games. There are two paths this can take. Twitch streamers are either crazy good— the nerd equivalent of pro-footballers — or they’re entertainers, their broadcasts a hybrid radio show, comedy hour and video-game commentary.

3. Ghost Shopper

Life’s getting busier and busier, which is why consumers are really taking to convenience services around the world. Have you ever arrived at home, after going to the shop, to realise you forgot a few of the essential things that you actually went out for in the first place? Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do your shopping for you with a list, particularly for the day-to-day essentials that everyone needs at home? Well, why not start a business that does just that, by ghost shopping for people.

As a ghost shopper, you’re not going to shop for just anyone; you’re going to shop for high-end customers that don’t have the time in their day to go shopping for the things they need. You get two advantages: You make a good commission acting as ghost shopper and can be rewarded by a store (online or physical) for your continued loyalty. Look for directors, CEOs, MDs, people that want to shop, but can’t as they are busy. If you love shopping, why not earn money while doing it, right?

4. Female-Focused Entrepreneurial Coach

So, you’re a woman and you’ve been working years and years and you think it’s time to quit. Perhaps you feel like you’ve done all you can do in the corporate world. You’ve reached board level, you’ve earned some dividends and decided it’s time to venture into business. Now, what business do you decide on?

While you take the time to make a decision on what sector to enter or need to fill, why not run a coaching business where you help likeminded women start, manage and grow their companies? Botswana’s business landscape is evolving, and more women are commanding businesses, but it remains challenging for females to compete in what’s still a patriarchal business world.

5. Cook Who Prepares And Delivers Convenience Meals

Time is a commodity for working parents and even single professionals. Not everyone thinks they need a personal chef, but their business needs to be fueled by wholesome meals. Which is where you come in, if you’re handy in the kitchen. The food business has good margins, especially if you’re preparing made-to-order meals and have a certain radius of delivery.

Develop a web app with your options available for ordering in a few simple steps.

If you’re just starting out and are yet to familiarize yourself with tech, why not advertise through fliers in your neighborhood?

Ensure your fliers and the app feature exciting menus and you will be noticed.

6. Special-Needs Trainer

Gyms and yoga studios are popping up everywhere these days, but how often do you see a gym or a workout studio that caters specifically to people with special abilities? You’ll need to be trained to work with special needs people, sure, but by starting this business you’ll be servicing an often-neglected sector of consumers.

If your house can accommodate, start by working with a few people one-on-one and ask them to serve as your testimonials. You can eventually move to a more convenient premises that allows you to host group classes. Children with disabilities can also be serviced by your business, but again, training will be required.

7. Part-Time Salesperson For Companies

Also known as MLM or multi-level marketing. When done poorly it definitely can be tough to make money in this game. But, what if you’re completely in love with the product you’re selling and confident that it helps other people? If this is the case, you can make good money promoting a product you truly love.

You can work with businesses that hire independent sales representatives or marketers (Avon comes to mind). Some companies require you to host parties and make commissions directly off of your sales. Other operations might want you you to get people to sign up as coaches underneath you (Herbalife) and you’ll receive a percentage of their sales. In short that’s how MLM works.

8. Voiceover Artist

Some people are naturally endowed with a pleasing voice: “They are very important for marketing purpose. If you have these skills you may want to consider starting the great voice over business.”

Your voiceover gig could start as a part-time job, because all that may be required of you would be to send some good samples of your recorded voice. You can do this at home, with iPhone and Android apps through smart devices these days. Numerous businesses are using video in their marketing strategies these days, and as more and more people opt to watch than to read, you might be in high demand if you can hit the right notes.

9. At-Home Barber

Barbershops provide shaving and trimming services for people to look smart. You could offer these simple services for a fee from the comfort of your home – as you learn the ropes toward eventually running your own outlet. In essence, your work as a barber is to shave the beards and give beautiful haircuts and it’s an excellent business opportunity because you can make money at all times and seasons. Humans’ hair never stops growing.

Barbers who package their business appropriately and offer luxury services as a side attraction tend to make more money than those who simply give haircuts only. Why not take a professional course on how to start a barber shop and you will be good to go in no time. You can choose to provide salon services such as manicure or pedicure as more men are spending on this today.

10. Tech-Focused ‘Handyman’

Ah, the tried-and-tested handyman business. It’s a lucrative field to work in if you enjoy plumbing, fixing light fittings and aligning garage doors. But, what if you start a handyman business that only focuses on technology challenges around the home and for small businesses?

Think of yourself as a nerd-on-call; able to restore dead Wi-Fi spots and fix leaky servers. If you’re truly digitally savvy, you can even assist people in setting up their smart devices, pairing it with the home networks. Think of extended services, like helping people back-up their data month-to-month. Or, you could help people set up their smart TVs. As technologies evolve, so to will your business and its growth potential.

And one more, just for good luck…

BONUS –  Professional Online Gamer

As Internet speeds across the country improve (through the deployment of fibre Internet) pro-gaming is becoming a viable career option. If you wish to be a pro gamer, you’ll need to have a powerful computer set-up that can be easily transported.

“Just as you would not take a Mini Cooper into a F1 race, the incorrect equipment can hamper your chances of success. eSports is a sport of nanoseconds and equipment that is outdated or not of the proper standard can be the difference between winning or losing,” Pro gamers can make up to USD12 500 per tournament win, on average.


  1. This is very useful my boys and I loved the
    Ghost shopper
    Online gamer
    Preparing meals
    And MLM
    Thank you so much guru

  2. I loved all the business ideas, they can really come in handy , especially the female entrepreneur coach, and to think that I have been doing it free of charge. I have also been playing around with the thought cooking convenient meals and deliver on weekends. Thanks a lot

  3. I am interested in the first one(Farm Equipment Maintenance Provider) but wondering where i could acquire the necessary skills

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